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HURRAW - Lip Balms

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Creating a life, a workplace, and a product that impacts minimally on our EARTH is important to us. We ship in recycled and recyclable corrugated packaging and use 100% recycled post consumer paper for void fill. Our wholesale packs and product boxes are made from 100% post-consumer paperboard using 100% wind power. If we have to shrink wrap, we use non-toxic polyolefin vs PVC. 

In our continuing efforts to reduce plastic use, we are choosing more readily recyclable materials for our products: aluminum, glass and tin.  


Plastic Tubes:
We literally can not get enough recycled PCR (post-consumer recycled material) pellet to make our tubes. We must use FDA approved plastic for cosmetics: a clean, non tainted plastic #5. We have been contacting plastic manufacturers around the world for the last five years trying to find a solution. The bad news: there is none...yet.  Petroleum rules the planet and that makes us (and you) sad...and mad...and...  Look, plastic is amazing, it has changed the world. It works really well for many, many things. We must close the loop and be smarter in it's uses. To just stop using it is just not a viable solution as all alternative packaging materials have similar manufacture and disposal issues too.

The ONE thing you can do to help now: LIMIT SINGLE-USE PLASTIC CONSUMPTION (food containers, yogurt cups, coffee pods, cups, cup lids, straws, forks, spoons, beverage bottles, trial size items, produce bags, etc...etc...etc...).  C'mon, bring your own bag and cup already! ;)

We’ll keep trying to find a solution.  Know that we always use recycled pellets in our tubes when available (up to 50%) and they are still recyclable #5 (although honestly, there is very little market for recycled polypropylene and hardly anyone does the recycling of it). We hope to reduce our plastic use in the coming years and if you have any ideas, holler at us! Our hope is that PCR material becomes easily attainable for all manufacturers that rely on plastics and that alternative plastic material and technology continues to be developed. 

Common Question: Do the plastic tubes leach BPA into the balm?


Aluminum Tubes:
In our efforts to reduce plastic use, we have introduced aluminum tubes. Even most silver “aluminum looking” pliable tubes on the market are infiltrated with plastic but ours are not!  We believe just one small change can make a difference.

Common Question: Does aluminum leach into the balm?
No. Heavy metals are all over our environment; in our water, food, cookware, etc. But rest assured, there is no aluminum leaching into our BALMTOO.  Modern aluminum tubes have been repeatedly tested for safety; they are very safe. We get our tubes from Europe where they are still used extensively in personal care products. The EU has very high safety standards for cosmetics and the packaging of them.

Common Question: How do I open and use the aluminum tube?
1. Unscrew the cap. 2. Flip the cap over and re-screw onto the tube to puncture seal. 3. Re-seal using either side of cap. 4. Squeeze gently from the bottom up.  Squish the tube as you use product or roll the tube up as you use product.

Common Question: Can I recycle my tube and cap?
Yes! Remove the cap and recycle the tube with other aluminum products. The cap can be recycled as #5...but again, hardly anyone does the recycling of it.


Again, in our efforts to reduce plastic use, we have introduced glass and tin.

Common Question: Can I recycle my Aura jar/lid?
Yes! Remove the cap and recycle jar with glass and the lid with tin/metals...or re-use it in a plethora of ways!

Common Question: I can’t get my Aura lid off/on?
Rarely, the “threads” don’t line up perfectly on the first try to screw your lid back on. Be patient, line the threads up and bingo!