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Handcrafted Soaps by Belladonna

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Rebel sandalwood and bourbon soap: 

With charcoal that cleans out pores so trapped oils don’t turn into breakouts.
Rebel is an intoxicating scent of sandalwood mingled with a hint of bourbon and infused with activated charcoal and extra fine pumice.

all natural Ingredients include Saponified coconut oil’s, Shea butter, pure fragrance oils, activated charcoal, an extra fine pumice.


prosperity affirmation soap: 

daily affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals....

With an empowering scent and an adventure stone, infused with positive energy specifically tailored to your goals that you have at either the start of each day or the end of each night. This soap won’t let you down! all natural ingredients with olive oil, coconut oil‘s, Shea butter, pure frequents oil, French green clay, adventuring stone with natural oils of honeysuckle and clove. 


Zing Dosha Balancing Soap: 

Wake up with the zesty blend of lemon grass and Spearman infused with green tea. 

mall natural ingredients.