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8 oz Candle- H&H PNW CANDLES

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8oz Natural Soy Wax Candle. 

Hand-poured, Clean Burning, Cotton Wick and Eco Friendly. 

Many scents to choose from. All natural oils and fragrances with no yucky stuff involved!! 

Made with Aloha in WA!! 


Anthro-Chic:  The scent is very comparable to the volcano type fragrances also the popular candle at anthropology . It has notes of grapefruit,  orange,tangerine, Guava and vanilla 

Ke Aloha : Named for the Love of our home in Hawai’i. Making this Candles always takes me back to the islands. Made with blends of Coconut, Lime and Pineapple. 

Citrus Paradisi: Another favorite here at Chic. Fun Fact... Paradisi is what they used to call GRAPEFRUIT. So yes, this scent has grapefruit notes with some other citrus favorites as well and pomelo and musk. 

Peachy Keen: the Name says it all. It’s smells like fresh juicy peaches!! 

Pikake: The little Hawaiian jasmine flower that has the most pungent smell. Not in a bad way either... just like the little flower ... this candle is a top seller for our Florals.. 

Salty Siren: Light Floral Notes with Salty Highlights... a shop favorite.